We can help you stop the harassing creditor calls.  We will custom tailor a solution that will fit your needs, whether that be through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 relief.  We will also exhaust all efforts to help you save what is often a client's most personal and valuable asset--their home.  Don't live under the pressure of seemingly insurmountable debt another day. 

The attorneys at Eisenhut & Eisenhut are well known for the spirit with which they represent their clients.  Cliff Eisenhut, Keith Eisenhut and staff enjoy using bankruptcy law to eliminate their clients’ debts and to help them get a “fresh start.”  They also advise and counsel their clients on how to rebuild their credit after bankruptcy.  Our attorneys derive real satisfaction from protecting financially pressed individuals in Central New York that are being taken advantage of by high interest credit card companies and predatory lenders.

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