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Putting Your Family’s Welfare First

No one wants to go through a divorce. Most couples go into marriage thinking they will grow old together. But people and situations change, and for many, divorce is the answer. If you are contemplating dissolving your marriage and have child custody issues, you need the representation of an experienced family law attorney. At The Law Offices of Eisenhut & Eisenhut in Utica, our family legal team will work to protect your best interests. A personalized approach allows for diligent guidance through the sometimes contentious process. We will be there to support you through this unsettling time.

Legal Solutions That Strive For Positive Results

Every family law issue is personal. At our New York firm, our top goal is to resolve your divorce efficiently and effectively, keeping you and your children’s best interests at heart. For 40 years, we have practiced family law. Deep knowledge and a strategic skill set help us gain results for you, no matter what the issues.

We handle numerous aspects of family law, including:

  • Divorce/dissolution of marriage — We guide you in resolving disputes amicably. We also handle complex, contested divorce.
  • Domestic violence — We can help you pursue an order of protection or defend you if you have been named in one.
  • Child support, custody and modifications — Our first goal is what is best for your children. We also work to protect your parental rights.
  • Alimony, also called spousal maintenance — This financial support is based on many factors, we help guide clients and advocate on their behalf.
  • Guardianship — Family court and Surrogate’s Court; these courts also can handle estates and trusts.
  • Parenting time — Includes visitation and grandparents’ rights.
  • Stepparent adoption — A client may adopt children from a spouse’s previous marriage.
  • Surrogacy agreements — An alternative to the standard adoption process.

Our highly skilled family law attorneys tailor services to every client’s specific needs. Settling out of court can save a lot anxiety, but we always prepare to go to trial to protect your rights. We also offer resources for arbitration and mediation. Years of experience makes us familiar with the area’s judges and other lawyers, which can work to a client’s advantage.

Customized Service From An Experienced Team

When it comes to any family law need, we will be your strongest advocate. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your legal needs by calling 315-982-6192 or request an appointment online through this email. We look forward to helping you.